5 Eating Rules For Faster Weight Loss

5 Eating Rules For Faster Weight Loss

There is a vast number of ways to lose weight whether from dieting, exercise, weight lifting etc. but most of them will leave you hungry and unsatisfied. During exercise, you may feel hungrier as body need energy to workout.

Losing weight should be planned so that it will not let you weak and hungry. You need to find the right healthy balanced food with low carbs and high protein to lose weight. A proper diet food that has low sugar and starch and contains all protein, fiber, and minerals are beneficial to lose weight faster. These will help you to boost your metabolism with much fewer calories.

How to get into ketosis
How to get into ketosis

Here are 6 eating rules that help you to lose weight faster –

1. Fiber –

Avoid refined carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, as well as sugary foods and drinks. Try to consume at least 20 grams of fiber per day from whole meals, grains, fruits, and vegetables. More fiber reduces the risk of gaining weight.

2. Calcium and vitamin D –

Calcium and vitamin D work together to strengthen your bones. These both nutrients tighten some muscles which result in weight loss. Dairy foods are the main source of both calcium and vitamin D which you can add to your diet. Take 3 servings of these nutrients in a day. Moreover, vitamin D especially helps to control weight.

3. Healthy Fats –

Healthy and good fats include monounsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids which are found in oils, avocados, certain fishes, and chocolates. These fats are actually being good for heart and make you feel fuller longer after meals. Especially walnuts are a good source of monounsaturated fats. Add healthy and low fat in your diet.

4. Protein –

White Meat, beef, chicken, turkey etc are rich in lean proteins. Eat three servings of lean protein in a day. Protein is an essential nutrient which plays a major role in your body function. It helps to keep you feeling full longer and helps in weight loss of the body.

5. Green tea –

Green tea is highly rich in antioxidants which proves helpful in promoting weight loss of the body especially belly fat. Drink 3 cups of green tea in a day. It will help in twice weight loss compared to non-tea drinkers.
You can also ad citrus juice such as lemon, orange juice to show the result more efficiently.  


Many high energy foods, low-fat and low carb help to promote weight loss. Adding such foods in your diet helps you to lose weight faster. Many diets such as keto diet, vegan diet helps you to weight loss as well as keeps healthy. But many people do not know how to get into ketosis diet. They can take help from dieticians.