5 Features Of MS PowerPoint

5 Features Of MS PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a presentation tool that helps you share your ideas in the most dynamic and compelling form. It has a user-friendly interface that you can use for both classrooms as well as business purposes.

There are some must use features which can make your presentation fantastic and classy. These features are:

1. Adding Smart Art: If you think that it would be similar to the Word Art feature, you are mistaken! Smart art is an absolute different feature. It allows you to add professional diagram in a more efficient way. There are various graphs and charts available which you can add as per your requirement. It makes the slides look very attractive and catches the attention of most of the readers.

2. Inserting Shapes: There are some basic shapes and symbols available which you can use while designing a flowchart. You can also use these symbols for designing posters and banners. This ameliorates the overall look of the presentation.

3. Inserting an Image: You can also add images to your slides so as to make your sides look attractive. You can add images directly from your computer’s files or from Clip Art. You can also resize the inserted image as per your needs. With Windows 10, you can also add a screenshot of an entire window to your slides.


4. Slide transitions: You may also apply Slide transition effects. There are a number of transition effects from which you can choose the one that you feel is the best. You can apply an effect to a slide or to a group of slides at once.

5. Adding animations: Transition effects are limited to adding one effect per slide. With Animation, you are able to apply different effects to different elements in a slide. This makes your slide look more dynamic.

6. Rearranging the slides: You are able to make your whole presentation better by only rearranging the slides. This will take just a few seconds but can change the entire feel.


These were some of the most important features that would surely help you make a fantastic presentation. You can try them on your slides. As it is a user-friendly interface, you will learn all this in no time. You can download the Entire Office suite from the official site office.com/setup . You will get Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher etc. along with PowerPoint.