A theory proves that our brain has the ability to change. The more we use or test our brain, it helps to sharpen the brain power. So why use only 5-7 % of the brain when we can improve your memory, brain health, mental clarity and so on.A healthy brain not only sharpens your memory, it also helps to reduce the risk of disease and increase cognitive skills.

There are some factors that help you to improve brain health and keeps you active.

Some of the Best ways to improve your brain health –
• Mind games

Playing mind games is one of the best methods to sharpen your brain. Brain games exercise the brain which helps to improve and increase brain activity.

Solitaire free and Sudoku are the best example of such games which helps to boost your attention, concentration and intellectual skills.

• Balanced Diet

A healthy balanced diet is necessary to keep your body and brain healthy. Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants are some important ingredients that must be add to your diet that helps the brain to perform better.

Solitaire Free
Solitaire Free

• Exercise

Daily exercise helps to improve the level of blood and oxygen in your body and brain. It also helps to create new brain cells that increase the activity of the brain.

Exercise for minimum 30 minutes even you don’t like it. It is must for your both body and brain.

• Get enough Sleep

Enough amount of sleep daily at night is necessary for your body. A good healthy sleep helps to keep your mind fresh. During sleep, our brain set connections between neurons which helps to remember and learn better during the day.

• Reduce stress level

Stress affects your body as well as your brain. Stress is responsible for memory loss and destruction of brain cells. It also weakens the immune system and increases blood pressure.

Thinking positive, showing gratitude, and simply laughing helps to reduce stress.

• Meditate

Meditation helps to reduce stress level and brings peace of mind.

It improves concentration and memory of the brain.

• Learning new things

Learning new things could help you to improve brain activity such as learning how to play a new instrument or a new sport, learning a new language. Such things improve concentration and cognitive functions.


The root of all the health is brain. It is the health that is real wealth. Keep your brain healthy and active. Eating healthy and exercise is the key.