Tips On Settling The Car Accident Claim

Tips On Settling The Car Accident Claim

A car accident can be a life-changing event. It can be your one of the worst experience. You can never know how and when accident can cause. In one moment you are driving pleasantly and in the next moment you met an accident, you are suffering from pain, shaken and distraught.

But once your shock fades you need to take some important practical steps whether it is a serious accident or not, whether your car gets damage immensely or it is a minor damage.

There are many several things you can do to maximize the compensation and to protect yourself. By settling a car accident claim, you might be able to recover all your economic and non-economic losses.

Tips to taken for settling a car accident claim –


Contact the police and gather some information –

contact the police

Just after an accident, you should call a law enforcement and wait for the police. Once they reached, tell them what happened and request for medication. Medication is done immediately after an accident even if you are unsure about your injury.

Once you check that you are safe and uninjured, take pictures of damages that caused to the vehicles and location where an accident happened. It will help to get started your claim as soon as possible.


Talk to a personal injury lawyer (an experienced one) –

Personal injury lawyer
Personal injury lawyer

If your vehicle is extremely damaged and you get some serious injuries in an accident, then you need a personal injury lawyer which is vital for your claim. The insurance company uses many tactics with you to save the company’s money. A lawyer will anticipate defense strategies that the insurance company might be using.


Do not give a recorded statement or sign anything –

It is very common that insurance company try to contact victims as soon as they get the information of accident. Most of the companies are quite good and helpful while some companies or adjusters may use ethically questionable methods to get the upper hand in negotiations. This is the reason you should never agree with any statement.


Trust your lawyer to compile all the evidence and send the demand letter –

send the demand letter

Once your lawyer compiled all evidence then he/she will send the demand letter to the insurance company. The company might accept it or deny it. If they deny, your lawyer will file a legal lawsuit in the court.



In order to successfully settle a claim, you need to do some certain things immediately after an accident. By following tips, you will be able to recover maximum damages as possible.