3 Alligators Laws To Know in Florida

People in Florida try to act in a crazy way while sometimes it can cause more problems for them only. Alligators of Florida are quite well known around the world. Nowadays it is becoming more common for the Gators to even visit in the city as well. In such a case most of the manly people may try to act in a crazy way, you might see such acts in the Florida man – Florida man news also. It is important to act according to the laws, being manly does not mean that you have to act against the law of government. Because of the increasing interaction of Gators and humans, there has been formed some special laws which have shown here.


It is an illegal act to steal American alligator’s egg


While if you are looking for stealing an egg of a wild alligator, you should think again. In the 20th century, there has been so much slaughtering of alligators in Florida because of that in 1973 alligators has considered as an endangered species according to law. Without proper licensing, it is illegal to try alligator hunting or stealing a wild egg.


It is illegal to kill a wild alligator in America


Florida-man - Florida-man-news
Florida man – Florida man news


Only some of the professional alligator hunters have the right of hunting alligator. In case they also need to take special permission for hunting as well. Based on the law, it is the third-degree felony to try killing or injuring an alligator. If you really want to act manly and want to become an alligator hunter, then you should take proper training and licensing before trying so. You can also take participation in the nuisance of statewide alligator harvest where you will get a chance for hunting alligators as well.


It is illegal to fed wildlife in Florida


In case, you are throwing food to the wild animals think again. Wild animals can act aggressively when you are feeding them that is why it is illegal for the safety of human as well. When somebody gives food to the wild animals they expect more food from humans while it also makes them lose the natural fear of humans. Normally, alligators avoid having interactions with humans but because of their hunger, they can even show their wild side to you.


These laws are for the security of you and the alligators of Florida only. While you should follow these laws to protect these beautiful creatures.