5 Rules Of Wearing Rings

A Ring is an ornament worn by people around their finger. It is not just a jewelry or accessory that embellish your finger. It signifies a lot of things. It doesn’t only hold Monetary Values but it also holds sentimental and traditional values. A Ring is a kind of signal to the world. It consists of message that reveals your commitment, your achievements and your beliefs. The Importance of ring is so indispensable that Designers across the world have designed various kinds of ring that allow people to celebrate their major events like Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary or Achievement. Depending upon the occasion designer can customize the rings according to the need of their Customers. Nowadays there are varieties of custom rings for men as well as women available in the market.


Custom rings for men
Custom rings for men


There are certain rules which you need to consider while wearing rings –


Understand Messages


Ring sends a subliminal or direct message. It helps in identifying your association. It also tells that a person is married or engaged. It sends the signal of wealth and power.



Be Confident


How confident are you in wearing rings? First get used to it. Try it on your home. Get used of it size and weight. Get Comfortable with it before you start wearing it out in public. Then start wearing around people who you know well. Check if they are noticing it or not.


Maintain Proportion


If you have large hands wear a larger ring. If you have small hands balance it by wearing a smaller ring. Choose the right type and size before purchasing it.



Balance the Ring with other Jewelry –


Don’t crowd the fingers with too many rings. Balance it properly. If you are wearing ring on Right Hands then put the wrist watch on other hand.


Match Metals With Skin


Match your ring with your skin tone. Wear Silver if you have a cool skin tone that is if you veins are visible. Wear Gold if you have a warm skin tone that is if your veins are not visible.





Rings hold different values for different people. For Some People it’s a tradition. For some it’s a style statement. It means different things to different people. Nowadays People can customize the rings according to need. In fact Custom Ring for Men and Women has become quite a tradition. Customization work on rings can be done for various Occasion like Birthday, Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary or celebrating any achievements etc. Wearing Rings on different fingers signifies different things. Wearing Ring on Pinky Finger indicates a person is a good communicator. It also signifies style. Wearing Ring on Ring finger indicates Love, Relationship and Marital status. Rings on Middle Finger are surprisingly unknown. It could be worn for any reason on middle finger. Wearing Rings on Pointer fingers indicate Self-Esteem, Confidence and Leadership qualities. Rings on thumb is a sign of wealth or influence. Like any other Jewelry, Ring too has its own importance.