The Complete Guide To Use Instagram For Business


All over the globe, Instagram has overall more than 800 million Instagrammers in which 500 million users are active or use Instagram every day and share 250 million pieces of content in one day.  Such a big population on Instagram makes it the best platform for marketing or building the business. No matter who is your audience, the age, occupation, gender or anything doesn’t matter. If you want to market your business then you will want to reach them all on Instagram. So here the question comes as to how to promote the business on Instagram?

Here we are providing you the complete guide to use Instagram for business

First, why to use Instagram for business?

Instagram has more than 300 million daily active users, this is the biggest reason why most of the marketers and business owners using Instagram as a marketing tool. Instagram has the high potential for the business marketers. This potential lies more on the user, how he or she using the Instagram. Instagram drives engagement on regular basis with four percent of total followers which is much more than any other social media platform as they perform engagement less than 0.1%. 60% Instagram users follow at least one brand on Instagram.

Create an Instagram marketing strategy

Whether you are new on Instagram or looking for boosting up your brand presence on Instagram, you need a strategy and defined goals to follow. Here are some common rules that need to follow for increasing the engagement and followers.

  • Optimising your Instagram business profile

Optimising your profile includes a compelling bio which contains 150 characters to define or summarise completely about your business. Second, your profile image should be recognisable. A company’s logo as the profile image is a better choice. Add your website link with the content or to the new page for promoting.

  • Find influencers in your niche to follow

When you are a beginner, you need to find the accounts in your same niche to follow. Here some types of accounts that you can start following. First, take your brand partners or companies where you work is the best place to start. Second, there are many influencers that your audience follow, you can start searching them by using some keywords which is related to your brand or product.

Instagram marketing software
  • Analyse your growth

With making the efforts to grow your Instagram, you also need to analyse your growth. You need to know about your audience, your hashtags, your content and everything which you are doing to grow your Instagram account. There are many Instagram marketing software which can help you to find your goals and analyse the statistics.

Here some few tips, strategy, and importance of Instagram for business which can help you to grow your business effectively on Instagram.