9 Types Of Wool Fabrics

9 Types of Wool Fabrics

Wool is a type of cloth made with the animal hair that provides the perfect warmth and cosiness. It is usually expensive than any other type of fabrics and also lasts for a very long time. The woollen clothes can be made up of sheep, goat, camel, rabbit, or any other animal’s hair. All of those have different features and provide a different level of warmth to the person who is wearing it. You can choose the one that fits best to your needs.

worsted wool fabrics
worsted wool fabrics


Knitted fabrics

It is known to be knitted in the fastest way just by the pile knitting method. It is a known to be the stretchable kind of fabrics.

Worsted fabrics

These fabrics are smooth and durable. It has been made out of the finest fibres which offer a distinct smoothness.

Woollen fabrics

These are the fabrics that are made from the non-uniform wool fibres of different lengths and fineness.

Flat woven fabrics

These fabrics are designed by knitting two set threads at right angles.

Plain weave fabrics

These are the strongest type of woollen fabrics and resistant to attenuation. This is because these fabrics are made with the high-frequency interlinking of threads.

Twin weaves fabrics

These fabrics utilize more thread as compared to plain weave fabrics thus making it stronger and more durable.

Sateen fabrics

These are made with the closely linked threads that make it strong and resistant to wear and tear.

Double cloth fabrics

These are made of two types of fabrics Woven in a unique crisscross manner so that it remains durable.

Jacquard weave

They are made with the punch card system. Jacquard looms and mechanical weaving are used in making this fabric.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Wool fabrics also have its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us consider these points-


  • Buoyant
  • Elastic
  • Durable
  • Absorbent
  • Comfortable
  • Great Investment
  • Resists flaming
  • Recyclable
  • Warm
  • Wrinkle resistant


  • Weakens when wet
  • Demands special care
  • Maybe scratchy
  • Easily harmed with bleach
  • Moth-affected
  • Conclusion

Worsted Wool fabrics are very comfortable, durable and are also able to provide the desired warmth. It comes in a variety of weights and quality. Woollen fabrics are made of wool of different animals. These are usually more expensive than any other type of fabrics but also lasts longer. You can get a wide range of woollen clothes on the internet. You can pick the one according to your needs. But in my opinion, worsted wools are the best type of fabric one can ever have.