What Are The Pranks You Should Play On Your Boyfriend?


If you have not prank on your boyfriend then what is the meaning of having a relationship. Pranks help you to maintain a fun and healthy relationship with your man. However, we are not saying that at the name of prank you get the permit to do anything dangerous or harmful. You have to make sure that your prank did not affect someone in a serious manner. Okay, let’s proceed. This article is about some funny and craziest ideas through which you can make your boyfriend fool and suprised. So just take a look!


Blow his mind by saying that you are pregnant


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Just imagine a moment, when you randomly say your boyfriend that you are pregnant. It is most probably happen that your boyfriend denies this and say that this is impossible. You are just making fool of me. For taking the complete fun of the situation you can extend the conversation by giving him a false proof like ultrasound report with the help of online fake ultrasound maker that will surely left him speechless.


Blow horn at his head


This may sound quite bizarre but it is like having full fun early in the morning. If your partner is a late morning sleeper and that is a habit of him that annoy you the most. So make him wake-up by hook and crook. For this horn is the best tool which you can use. Blow horn near to his ears and then see what happens. Most probably he wakes-up as an earthquake has come.


Make him eat food cooked by you



This sounds like a beautiful treat of a girlfriend to his partner. But it is not. You can use this situation for a funny prank with your boyfriend. You can add extra salt, chilly or sugar into the prepared food and tell him that you have made it just especially for him. By hearing this he feels like awesome unaware of the fact what is going to happen with him. After all, he loves you to the fullest and even knowing after tasting the food that something is wrong in it. He continues to eat it. So sad!


Wear-up a Halloween costume


You can scare him by wearing a particular Halloween costume when he is not at the home. When he rang the bell at the door just go and open the door. Make sure that all the lights of the house remain switched-off.



These are some best and easy-to-do pranks that you can try on your boyfriend for making him surprised or shocked or whatever. This helps a lot in making your relationship even more strong and solid.