Automobiles are the primary source of your transportation. But these automobiles have become the main reason for air pollution. In the United States automobiles are responsible for emitting over 300 million tons of carbon in the atmosphere each year. This scenario is same in almost all countries.

Motorbikes emissions are the major cause of the global warming. It is not too late to do something for your planet. So buying electric bikes is the simplest way to start with. There are many reasons that prove that e-bikes are good for the environment, some of them are-

Electric Scooter Singapore
Electric Scooter Singapore

No emissions – As you know e-bikes utilizes pedal power with an electric motor, they give off zero emissions. On the other hand, automobiles which use gas and diesel give off the varying amount of carbon in the atmosphere. The study says that riding an e-bike for 10 minutes saves around 500 pounds of carbon emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

No air pollution – As you know riding e-bikes produces zero emissions. This means they won’t emits carbon that causes ozone layer depletion. Smog is a major form of air pollution in most cities and countries which is responsible for many respiratory diseases. For combat smog and other forms of air pollution, riding e-bikes are the best alternative.

Long lasting batteries- The batteries of e-bikes are very long lasting. They won’t end up in the landfill as often. This helps in the reduction of waste. This not only helps in waste reduction but also can be recycled which add money to your pocket. Many electric bikes batteries are made up of lithium ion which does not contain lead which is harmful to the environment. The batteries used in electric scooter Singapore are also very long lasting. They are world famous for it.

Charging using sustainable energy- You can also charge your e-bike batteries through wind and solar energy. This also helps sustainable energy industry is growing. The use of sustainable energy can reduce the global warming.

Prevents road destruction- Trucks and other automobiles not only pollute the air but also destroys the roadways surfaces and cause potholes to form. The repair work of roadways consumes a lot of money and also repairing machines emit more pollutants into the air. So e-bikes are light in weight and don’t destruct the road surfaces as well.

Global warming is increasing day by day and air pollution is constantly depleting the ozone layer. If all this going to continue then the arrival of the day is not too far when you are not able to breathe in the open air. So this is one of the best ways you can try, to do something for your planet.