Do These 7 Things And Increase Your Instagram Views

A video can describe anything or any particular situation easily. Instagram videos need a creative approach if you want to deliver your message in 60 secs. There are some key things which you can use to create a quality video, it doesn’t matter which type of account you have or which profession you have. You can follow the following things while creating a content.

Make people Laugh

Not everyone can make people laugh if you think you can make people laugh, then create funny content and make people laugh. Laughter can be found anywhere so don’t worry about your profession or account type, just try to find laughter.

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Tell a story

A video with a story is what people need, so try to compile your long videos into 60 secs video and present it in front of people. It is seen that the videos with a story get more views easily.

Inspire others

Create content to motivate others as not everyone has everything, make them realize that they can achieve whatever they want. Inspiring others will help you build a great relationship with them.

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Show them the reality

Sometimes people get lost in the glitters and don’t understand the tough road you are walking. Show them your reality and tell the truth about the things which they don’t know.

Keep them up to date with your work

If you are doing some work, research or producing something then tell your followers about it and give them a glance at what is going on. This way your followers’ will never get bored and their interest will also increase.

Reply to them personally

If you are getting messages from your followers asking about anything than start creating videos and reply to them through there by mentioning some names. This way all of your followers will know that you read their messages.

Be a frank speaker

Never lie to your audience and try to be frank with them and speak freely with them. Talk to them like you know everyone and make a friendly bond with them.


It is seen that videos that already have more views gets more attention than other videos due to this reason some people prefer to buy Instagram views and increase the number of videos. As long as you are putting an effort in creating a content than you can buy Instagram views for attracting more audience. If you also want to get more views than do all the above things to create a perfect video for your followers.