Here’s What Landlords Need To Know About Tenant Eviction

A landowner might not have the entire idea on the property while giving it for lease, but, he has the right of expelling the occupant if the tenant breaks any of the tenure standards made reference to in the rental agreement.

Sounds simple? Isn’t it! Well, I don’t think so. In 2016, in one of the decisions, the Supreme Court specified that no inhabitant can be ousted for at least five years in case the rent is paid by him on time. This decision is regardless of the contract length marked between the inhabitant and the proprietor. There is just a single way that a landowner can expel an inhabitant – just in case if he is thinking of utilizing the place himself. Or else Washington state eviction attorney could be hired to get your tenant evicted quickly and legally.


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When would you be able to remove a tenant?

  • Lease not remunerated

This is a standout amongst the most widely recognized explanations behind occupant expulsion. A landowner can do with a postponement of a couple of months, contingent on the term for which the occupant has been residing in the property. In any case, if your occupant is avoiding the lease for quite a while now, the time has come to release them.

  • Sub-leasing

If you have leased a property to two, your inhabitant wound up adding two more occupants to the property and begun taking rent from them. In such a case, you can ask your renters to stop all this, or they can be removed from your home.

  • Harming your belongings


In any case, if the occupant has genuinely harmed the property and is reluctant to pay for the harms, you have the privilege to expel them.

  • Self-utilization

In the event that you, as a proprietor, need to reclaim the property for individual utilization, you could do this by sending an eviction notice to your occupant.

  • Business Utilization

Sometimes it can happen that your occupant is utilizing the private property to maintain their very own business, this calls for an expulsion. Business utilization of a private property could lead you to a great inconvenience. So, it is better to stop this at the moment you get to know about it so as to impede future discomfort.


This is a brief about what the landlords need to know about tenant eviction. Just be educated about the topic if you are a landlord so as to facilitate the process of tenant eviction.