How Instagram Stories Can Help You Build Your Following?

Instagram is such a big platform that approximately 1 billion people use Instagram to express themselves and to get connect with others. This can help you to achieve your goal whether it is promoting your brand or becoming famous. The first thing you need to do is exploring your account. But more than 95 million people make the post every day which make it difficult to stand out.


seguidores Instagram
seguidores Instagram


Here you can take the advantage of Instagram stories to grow your account. The Instagram story is a great feature which has a great potential to explore the content. Around 400 million people use the Instagram stories every day which can be very beneficial for you to build your following.

Here are the six ideas of Instagram stories which you can use to spice up your content.

Story highlights



The story highlights are the new feature recently launched by the Instagram, you can use this to highlight your Instagram account more effectively. You can use this highlights as a trailer for your account or business. You can feature here the best stories, the best products of your business, and much more. This helps to build a perfect account and encourage more visitors to hit the follow button.

Create tutorials



Thousands of stories are published every day on Instagram. To make a standout, the tutorials are the best way to get the attention of more and more audience. Creating tutorials in Instagram stories make your stories more captivating as people love to see the small things which can be made quickly and effortlessly.

Polls for audience research



To build your following on Instagram, the main component is to bring the engagement. While using polls on Instagram stories is a great way to engage your audience. You can use this polls for audience research to know what they like or for creating better content. Make your content strategy creative and effective to reach a large number of people.

Stories takeover



Participation with influencers is a strong marketing strategy and growing Instagram trend which you can use in the Instagram stories also. There are many brands with inviting the influencers to take over their feeds or content to reach more and more number of audience. This helps to make your brand or account more visible than ever.



With the increasing usage of the Instagram and its new algorithm, growing Instagram followers [seguidores Instagram] has become quite difficult. However, some new features like Instagram stories can help you to expand your reach.