How To Use Stickers On Instagram?

Instagram is one of the favorite social media platforms for sharing your photos and short videos with your friends and followers. Stickers are basically adhesive labels which are added to show your mood in a unique way. Some of the best available stickers include:

Question stickers:



The latest question stickers are available in Instagram which you can add in your posts or stories by asking a question, and users can add their answers to all such questions by just clicking on the stickers. You can check the answers by clicking on your story, there you can see who all have asked you questions or answered your questions based on your question. You can also share a question from your friend’s story line, in that case, their username and photo will not be seen only the questions will appear.


Hashtag stickers:

Hashtags are one of the best ways to reach out to a larger number of audience. Hence, implementing the hashtag is considered to be one of the best features where you can share your story by adding the hashtag and followers by simply clicking on them can view the entire page related to that Hashtag.


Music stickers:











This is one of the most interesting stickers where you can search and add songs. This sticker is movable and you can adjust and edit the song and play on your story line. These stickers are only available in the latest version.


Location sticker:

This is the sticker which you can use to share your current location or by sharing a nearby location for sharing people and they can simply click on the location tag and view the map on where you are.


Poll stickers:


Instagram Tools


Poll stickers can be applied to the posts in which you write your own questions and allow the users to rate based on that just by sliding the stickers. Once you add the stickers on your images, then your Instagram friends and followers can rate you. And you can check out the results by swiping up the storyline and see how many votes each of your images has received.


Weather stickers:

These stickers help you to share your info on the current location and weather report from your device.


Selfie stickers:












This is the fun element in all the stickers, you can try out new faces by using these selfie stickers. You can add them in your profile photos, or else while taking pictures. There are also various options available when you tap on the sticker.


Thus, various latest Instagram tools have been implemented, which has made it more fun, as earlier you could only share your pictures and add the location, but now there are some many latest features available in the latest versions. Try it out!! And have some fun!!