Birthday Gift Ideas for 3 Years Old Toddler


The 3rd birthday of the kid is the first hint to the parent that now your kid is smart enough to learn about certain things. As a toddler becomes a preschooler, it tries to do the things by itself. While you need to be supportive and try to boost the confidence of your own kids. Small kids try to put things in their mouth, as it is also a way of playing and checking things. But as they grow up to the age of 3 years, they try to use their hand for that purpose. That is the reason why some toys are considered as hazardous for toddlers. The third birthday is like a graduation for your kid, where it takes the first step to learn about new things.


Reading and recognizing


baby play mat


While you want to get something that is not only useful, it can also help your children learn about ways to recognize words. As you can get a hair playing mat where the alphabet and design are printed. Looking at those letters, your child will also try to remember those things. By making use of amazing baby play mat, you can make them identify the fruits, vegetables and numbers as well. As they will learn words and numbers, they will be able to read things as well. While you can gift them a picture book also, using which your kid can be able to practice its reading skill.


Learning and solving


As your kid will grow more, you should make it learn new things as well. You should help him to play with number games and problems solving. This will help you to grow intelligence in your kid. As you can also gift it a word puzzle game as well or you can also give a drawing or calligraphy set, which would help you to enhance the imagination and calligraphy skills of your kid.


Craft set



You can also give a craft set to your kid. This will help your kid to develop its imagination skills as well. This will also increase the curiosity of your kids, as they can be able to learn about new shapes and how to create those shapes. Which is also good for the creativity of your kids.


These are some of the exceptional ideas which you can utilize for selecting the best present for your kids in their 3rd birthday.