03 Strategies To Cure HIV

03- Strategies -To -Cure- HIV

While an individual living with HIV can elicit the infection with medicament, there is no fix. A remedy for HIV is the full annihilation of the infection. This isn’t the main choice that researchers are investigating for! Here are a couple of strategies that can be used to treat HIV patients:


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1.    Shock and kill method



HIV covers up in repository cells in the body and can stay quiet up to a patient takes antiretroviral treatment. When a patient quits taking ARTs, the repository infection awakens and begins recreating all around the body once more.

This treatment would ‘awaken’ these repositories to enact the silent infection. While nonsensical, the thought is to awaken each and every infection and execute all the initiated cells, obliterating the supply in one go. In the event that one infection gets by, there is dependably a hazard that it will have the capacity to replicate and the infection will return.

While obliterating cells in the body, there is dependably a hazard that medications will target sound cells, so this exploration moves cautiously to maintain a strategic distance from superfluous harm.


2.    Lock and Block method



This technique has an opposite approach to the previous one. This strategy expects to trap HIV in its storage cell so that there are no chances of it getting the infection again. While the infection is as yet present in the body, it is caught away with the goal that it can’t get away from its host cell and can’t be reproduced.


3.    Stem cell transplants



Till now, only one person has been recovered from HIV and his name is Timothy Ray Brown. He got an undeveloped cell transplant for a different condition. Because of an uncommon hereditary transformation in the undifferentiated cells, Brown’s invulnerable framework could ward off the HIV in his body. 10 years have passed, he is still without HIV and effectively crusading for HIV research and talking about his encounter. Lev Rivkin Brooklyn NY is a person who runs a health care business for treating the persons that are HIV positive. You can take the medications suggested by him and get cured efficiently of this lethal disease.




Hope these three strategies to cure HIV are clear to you. Just spread the message and get a maximum number of HIV patients treated with these efficacious strategies. Some other methods are also there for this purpose which you can also consider.