Phix vs. Juul: A Comparison

Phix-vs.-Juul- A-Comparison

Smokers who are hoping to exchange their old tobacco cigarettes for a change, for all of them there are tons of choices which are available today. Vapes arrive in various sizes, styles, as well as complexities. Some of the few mods have a substantial battery pack, refillable tank, loops and different pieces to oversee autonomously. Hence, the larger part of people who Vape today, wish to pick the basic, easy to use device which is especially user-friendly.




Case vapes represent the larger part of the Vape market deals at this moment and are clearing the globe as an option in contrast to cigarettes. However, there are expansive scopes of styles, brands, juice mixes, etc. There are various types of Juul Pods which are available in the market, but amongst all the most trending ones are just and Phix. But some of the most common difference points between the both are:


The Hit

To complete a legitimate examination, I utilized the first tobacco enhanced cases for each Vape. These E-cigar vapes use nicotine salt e-juice to get higher centralizations of nicotine per hit and also provides an inclination in the throat like smoking a cigarette. Each organization has a restrictive mix, so their taste and feel are somewhat unique, however, you can also detect it if you use it very often.


The hits which Phix provides are a bit harsher compared to that of the Juul, yet this might depend upon the ingredients used to manufacture these pods.  For the full-bodied tobacco hit, the Phix conveys dependably. Settle on the Juul to get a “light cigar” hit and neither the breaths out convey much aroma. After each puff, the Phix reliably conveyed more vapor than the Juul. For the initial couple of puffs of the Juul, it was hard to discern whether I was truly getting a hit.



The Phix’s frame factor is somewhat bigger than the Juul, however maybe irrelevantly so. All the Phix gadgets are oval, but the Juul pod is increasingly thin and rectangular. The Phix’s precious stone like shape gives it a tad of a grasp. Unit vapes are commonly intended to slip effortlessly and easily into a pocket or a pack. Both vapes wear a smooth, moderate dark metallic look.



In the end, points, if you love to have lighter hits and wish to enjoy the vaping experience, then it is advised to prefer Juul, in case you want to have a stronger hit with a considerable design then you can go with Phix.

What Are The Reasons To Quit Smoking?

What- Are- The -Reasons -To -Quit -Smoking?

There are various reasons for quitting smoking. Let us know some of the reasons and be aware of the details. To do this, you can prefer any of the smoking alternatives like acupuncture, hypnotism, e-cigarettes, laser therapy etc.

  • You won’t need to pay to an ever increasing extent every year.

Smokers tend to spend a substantial amount of their income on purchasing cigarettes for themselves. Just quit smoking and save yourself from this unnecessary expense. You can then do something good for your family with that amount. Isn’t it a great idea? Not only this, you can save your family members from getting the second-hand smoke. Most people are unaware that the second-hand smoke is equally injurious to health as the first-hand smoke.

  • You’ll breathe in fewer germs.

Juul pod flavors
Juul pod flavors

A new study suggests that smoking of e-cigarettes can make you breathe more germs. If you wish to prevent yourself and your family away from these germs, you can take a step toward adopting e-cigarettes and do this with an ease. This is one of the most trusted smoking alternatives that are in trend nowadays. A wide range of Juul pod flavors is available online. Just have a look at them and choose the one that matches your interest level the best.

  • You will get a better sleep

A recent study has found that smokers are more likely to suffer from insomnia than the non-smokers. Also, the smokers usually feel unrested even after sleeping. This can turn to a serious health issue and so find ways to quit the smoking habit as soon as possible.

  • You will get cool bonuses at your workplace

Some of the companies offer great bonuses to the employees to take part in the smoking cessation events.

  • Decreased risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases

The smokers are at a greater risk of getting cancer and heart diseases than the non-smokers. Quit smoking and reduce your chances of acquiring these diseases.

  • You will have fewer wrinkles

Smoking habit can lead to the narrowed up blood vessels which in turn can speed up your aging process. If you wish to remain young and beautiful, smoking cessation can be an effective solution.

  • You can take pleasure in your food more

Smoking tends to reduce appetite and that’s the reason why the smokers suffer weight loss. Quitting this habit of yours will make you take your meals in sufficient amount and you will also relish the food more.


These were some of the valid reasons for smoking cessation. Consider these reasons and judge how beneficial can it be to quit smoking.