Telegram Crypto: A Secretive App

Telegram Crypto: A Secretive App

Telegram app is an instant cloud-based messaging app and voice over internet protocol service that was developed by telegram Messenger LLP, a privately held company in London, United Kingdom. It was invented by the Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov. He and his elder brother Nikolai Durov together in the year 2006 developed the social networking site VK in Russia. Later they booth in the year 2013 founded the app called “Telegram”. The Telegram can be used for messaging, exchanges of photos, videos and, audios all can be done via telegram. The telegram has to go through many criticisms in many countries by the expert cryptographers. As they think the end to end encryption of telegram is not reliable and secure.

What do you understand by the term “telegram crypto”?

The word “crypto” means concealed or secretive in Standard English. So the term telegram crypto means, the messaging app telegram provides secretive services that use encryption and decryption techniques to provide security to the data of users. But the reliability is always under the bars. That’s why it gets the ban in many countries like China, Iran and it is also attempting to block in Russia.

 Why is telegram getting the ban in many countries?

Telegram is an instant messaging app that uses encryption techniques. But many cryptographers criticize the security model of the telegram. According to them, they are unable to withstand in favor of their security model. That’s why it gets banned in many countries like China, Iran.

What do you understand by telegram cryptocurrencies?

The instant messaging app telegram has its own encryption techniques. It is had also become the latest company to have its own blockchain and digital currency. Telegram is launching its own native cryptocurrency that can be used for payments within an app. x

What do you know about blockchain technology?

The blockchain is a continuously growing list of records which are linked and secured using cryptography. The cryptography is a process of encrypting the data or information at the transmitter end and decrypting the data at the receiver end. The encrypted data is called ciphertext. So the blockchain technology keeps track of all records using cryptography.




The Telegram has become a first app which has its own blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Because of the unreliability of many cryptographers, it is getting the ban in many countries like Iran, China, and Russia. But the launch of telegram blockchain technology and its native cryptocurrency may work in favor of the telegram.