What Are The Common Side Effects Of Oxycodone To Human Body?

How many of you often take painkillers? Ok not often but take it rarely for getting rid of headache or other kinds of pain. Do you know about oxycodone? It is also a kind of drug that few times prescribed by doctors as a painkiller for getting relief from severe pain. It belongs to a group of medicines that are known as opioid analgesics. This drug is depressant in nature and it slows down the messaging function between the body and the brain. It does not mean that it makes people feel depressed all the time.

This drug usage get increased from the past few years amongst the people. That is why it has become a center of concern for the medical professionals. How long does oxycodone stay in your system? I am sure most of you also don’t know about this at all. Oxycodone stays in human body for almost 24 hours. It has been found by doctors that it can also exist in our body up to four days if it is taken in high dose. This article is all about the serious side effects of oxycodone on the human body. So let’s move on and have a look!

Loss of appetite

This is one of the most common side effect that doctors seen in the people who consume oxycodone. Loss of appetite results in rapid weight loss. This thing is not at all healthy and desirable for human beings. It may lead to health issues in the human body.


How long does oxycodone stay in your system?

It is also a sign that doctors seen in oxycodone addicts. Nausea is basically a feeling of sickness that incline people to vomit. In simple words you can understand it as feeling of disgust and uncomfortable.

Mood swings

It is a most easy-to-get-notice side effect of oxycodone. It make people feel happy sometime and then suddenly switches towards the bad and sad mood. That make people anxious and depressed which is not good for people’s psychological health.

Chest pain

Oxycodone addicts also come across serious issues like chest pain. That mainly take place because of the poor functioning of digestive system that may also lead to constipation.


All of you may go through headache rarely in your daily life. But oxycodone addicts often come cross severe headache that make them feel really uncomfortable and painful.

Oxycodone is a drug that prescribed by doctors to the patients for getting rid from serious pain. The addiction of oxycodone is completely different from it. Doctors are specialists people who know what to recommend patients and in what amount. That is why do not ever consume oxycodone as a painkiller without the prescription of the doctor.